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Egyptian Study Society

"Masks and Magic in Ancient Egypt" Presented By Todd Swanson

Egyptian Study Society Presents: 


“Masks and Magic in Ancient Egypt”


Presented by


Todd Swanson


Throughout history ceremonial masks have been created for ritual purposes. When this occurs, it is believed that masks, not only hides the identity of the person putting on the mask, but by that action an identification with a god or spirit is created. This identification not only allows a possession of sorts by the god, but also carries with it a serious danger of harm by being in such intimate contact with the spirit world.

During this lecture, we will examine whether these features are part of ancient Egyptian culture. Did masked Egyptian priests assume an identification with gods such as Anubis or Beset? Did funerary masks assist in transition from death to eternal life?

Todd Swanson Biography


Todd Swanson’s lifelong hobby has been the investigation of Greek Mystery religions (especially the Eleusinian Mysteries and the interplay between ritual behaviors and changes in perceptions. A decade of international relief work in Europe and Asia has allowed him to explore sacred sites in over seventy countries throughout the world. He presents numerous regional and international engagements and is the author of several articles.


DATE: Monday, July 15th, 2013 at 7:00 pm


COST: Free for EES members; a donation of $2 is suggested for all others


VENUE: Ricketson Auditorium, Denver Museum Nature & Science (Click for Map)