Brief and informal synopsis of research to date: 

The Denver Society is one of the oldest in the nation. Once thought to be the oldest west of the Mississippi, documentation indicates that it was established in 1903 at the same time as the Southwest Society, which was based out of Los Angeles. However, that documentation was produced in 1907 by the Southwest Society. Examination of documents produced by the Colorado Society state the Colorado Society was organized in 1904. However, it would seem more likely that both the Southwest Society and the Colorado Society were both founded in 1903 but not chartered until 1904. Regardless, the Denver Society is one of two of the oldest societies west of the Mississippi.  

Further examination of the remaining records tell us that the Colorado Society consisted of the Denver Society, The Colorado Springs Society, and the Pueblo Branch. 

The next steps in this project are to fully analyze and acquire a presentable copy of the material located in the Denver Public Library. Following this, we will make an attempt to locate further records in Denver as well as Colorado Springs and Pueblo. As more information is located, we will compile the information into a formal report and post it on the website.

If any member or anyone reading this has or knows of where additional materials are available, please contact the Denver Society and do let us know. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, and if you would like to be involved in this project contact the Denver Society.  

The Denver Society of the Archaeological Institute of America