In 2016, Margaret Brady, longtime Archaeological Institute of America and Colorado Archaeological Society member, donated a sizable archaeological library to the Denver Society. Consisting of over 300 books, papers, reports and maps, this material available to any member in good standing with the organization.

There are two ways to view the libraries offerings. The button below will take you to the Denver Society’s Goodreads page. At Goodreads, one can look at the covers, read a synopsis, and read reviews of the individual books. The second way is to download the PDF of the library, which can be found below the Goodreads button.

To request a book, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will bring the book to the next lecture. Books are lent out for one month at a time. To donate a book to the collection, please visit the DONATE page. 


Request Materials

Please fill out the request form on the right. Requests will be brought to the next meeting, or arrangements can be made to get the requested material to you. 


The Denver Society of the Archaeological Institute of America